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Criminal Defense & Family law

Jacob Amaru, Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

Jacob Amaru has handled hundreds of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in Arizona.

Jacob has also litigated hundreds of child custody and grandparenting cases.

Jacob is an Invited Member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

The Law Office of Jacob Amaru serves people in Tucson, Casa Grande, Sierra Vista, Nogales, Bisbee and neighboring cities.


Criminal Defense

Often over-charged by the State, criminal defense cases carry extremely lengthy sentences.

Jacob tailors his defenses to protect the wrongfully accused.

Cases we defend:

Family Law

Family law matters are special. They require sensitivity, determination, skills at mediation, and extreme respect for a client's privacy.

Jacob defends your case so that as parents, you get to decide what's best for your child.

Cases we defend:

Click on any of the above to learn
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Click on any of the above to learn
more about how we defend your rights

A Personal Word

Career highlights

Prior to opening private practice in 2009, I worked as a Public Defender for four years, and at a private law firm for two years.

I am a trial attorney and have litigated in the neighborhood of 100 jury trials and several hundred bench trials.

Although it is important to stress that every case is unique and that past verdicts should not be considered as an indicator for future results, I am proud to say that my success ratio at trial is extremely high.

In 2022 I began teaching in the undergraduate law program at the University of Arizona, an endeavor I enjoy enormously.

My law firm

As a former public defender, I know first hand how difficult it is to juggle a large case load and provide quality representation.

My firm prides itself on maintaining a small case load. My two paralegals (one for family law, one for criminal law) are highly experienced. I manage all my cases personally.

We do not play like many firms where your case can be shuffled around through multiple people.

If you decide to hire me, I am going to be your lawyer.

My Practice

Over the last few years my practice has become more specialized into the area of violent crimes. When it comes to violent offenses (everything from simple assaults to first degree murder), I believe I am one of the preeminent attorneys in the State of Arizona.

Moreover, because of my experience with family law and its intersectionality with violent crime, my practice also focuses on Domestic Violence (“DV”) cases and Orders of Protection.

As a result, I no longer handle DUI and Drug cases (you can't be good at everything!). I will happily refer you (at no cost) to lawyers in town who do excellent work in those areas. Patrick Moran ( is among those I recommend.

Finally, I have maintained and expanded my practice in the area of Expungement’s and Restoration of Rights and I am very passionate about helping people get their rights back, get their record sealed, and get their lives back!

I have been doing this type of work for almost 20 years and am excited that the State of Arizona is finally making meaningful progress.

Reasonable fees

Criminal and family cases can be very costly. As I do a lot of the work myself and my law firm is not overstaffed: you don’t have to support large administrative costs.

We do little-to-no advertising. People hire me almost entirely because I have been recommended by a prior client or another attorney. I pass these savings along to my clients.

Before the law

Prior to practicing law, I ran a successful motorcycle export business and traveled the world on motorcycle. I still ride, just not as much as I would want to.

I am dedicated to the defense of my clients.
I make sure they get the best representation
possible, no matter what the circumstances.

Jacob Amaru, Attorney

A Track Record of Results

As mentioned above, it is important to underscore that every case is unique and past verdicts should not be considered as an indicator of future results.

We provide these case summaries for information purpose only.
It is important to our law firm that you gain a good understanding of the types of cases we defend: if you are considering hiring an attorney, you must make an informed decision about what you can expect from us.

Dismissal of Murder Charge

Mr. M. was charged with First Degree Murder. As part of our investigation, we learned that he had not shot the victim. The murder charge was dismissed.

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Criminal Defense

For criminal cases I use a flat fee structure. I do work with everyone on payment plans and am flexible to make my representation work for working class people who still need effective representation.


Family Law

I use a combination of hourly fee structures, flat fee structures, payment plans, and hybrid fee structures to find the fee arrangement that will best fit your circumstances and the demands of your case.


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