Criminal Law: Murder Charges

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for murder, your freedom
and future are on the line. I represent clients who face charges of murder in the first and second degree, the most serious criminal charges anyone may face.

Your future at stake

My law office represents clients throughout the Tucson area who face murder charges, whether in the first or in the second degree.

These are the most serious of criminal charges one could face, and we treat them as such.

When we represent you, we give your case the ful attention and dedicated support you need. We undertake a full investigation into every single aspect of the charges brought against you: the investigation, your arrest, the collectionand processing of evidence, the witnesses, etc.

Our goal is to uncover any evidence that supports your side of the story.

Ensuring your criminal defense representation at the highest standard means that we must gain for you the opportunity to avoidi a conviction altogether, or to have the charges aimed at you reduced.

Murder is a crime that will completely change your life if you are convicted. Having a seasoned and aggressive legal representation is of the utmost importance for your freedom.

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