A domestic violence act could cost you your parenting time…

Acts of domestic violence will affect the way a Court in Arizona will consider your parenting time and decision-making.  The Statute discussed here is ARS 25-40303.
Arizona law provides for equal parenting time, seeking to maximize parenting time for both parents.
But the party who is found to be guitly of an act of domestic violence will see her/her rights curtailed by the Court.
If this is your case, there are things you can do about it: you are not completely hosed. Under Arizona law, the “rebuttal of presumption” enables you to present what you did as a remedy to the act of domestic violence. This includes, for instance, counselling.
It is very important, therefore, that you be aware of the Statute and that you present your the case in full order before the Court. I would strongly recommend that you consult with me to evaluate the ins-and-outs of your case, with a view to obtaining a favorable decision from the Court in regards to your parental rights.
I specialize in family law as well as in criminal law, and this is why I often defend domestic violence cases that impact parental rights. If you want to consult with me, call my office at (520) 465-6968 for a preliminary (free) consultation. I plead cases across Southern Arizona, including Tucson metro, Casa Grande, Nogales, Bisbee, Sierra Vista, etc.



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