Criminal Law: DUI

Have you been arrested and charged with DUI in Tucson?
A conviction can be very costly and result in jail time, community service
as well as higher insurance rates and possibly impact on your future employment.

It is important for you to get professional legal help immediately:
Contact a DUI defense attorney to determine what must be done to defend your case.

DUI arrest: Know your rights

DUI offenses are common in the Tucson area, and law enforcement is continuously on the lookout for any drivers they may consider are drinking and driving; or under the influence of drugs.

The legalization of the use of marijuana in medical situations has served to increase the number of DUI cases in the past few years.

A conviction can be very costly and result in jail time, community service as well as higher insurance rates and possibly impact on your future employment.

A DUI conviction is costly and has serious consequences

If you have a prior conviction on your record, you will be treated as a repeat offender and face severe penalties.

The Law Office of Jacob Amaru provides aggressive and knowledgeable defense to clients facing any of the following DUI offenses:

• DUI with drugs
• DUI with iInjury
• Felony DUI
• Vehicular manslaughter
• Multiple DUI
• DUI with accident

Most DUI tickets follow a standard sequence of events. Either the officer felt that you were driving in such a way that would indicate drunk driving, such as speeding, wide turns, weaving or you were stopped at a checkpoint.

When pulled over, law enforcement will immediately observe you and look for open bottles or the smell of alcohol. It is common to hear that you had “bloodshot eyes” or “slurred speech”.

There are many physical conditions other than alcohol consumption that can lead to either of these conditions, and they are not necessarily an indicator of drunk driving.

You will then be asked to perform several field sobriety tests.

Arizona law does not force you to do a field sobriety test

You are not required under law in our State to perform these tests. They are used only to obtain more evidence against you to present in court, even though it is well-established that the results are extremely subjective.

The breath or blood test is a requirement under the law, and if you refuse, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for one year.

Even breath testing and blood testing can be administered incorrectly, and a full evaluation of every aspect of any testing administered will be immediately initiated by our legal team.

Our legal team takes on such cases with a determination to seek out the potential avenues to defend your case. There could have been wrongly administered tests, or a failure to follow the legal arrest procedures.

As there are frequent police omissions or errors, it is strongly advised that you contact our firm prior to making a plea and as soon as possible after your arrest.

We are prepared to defend our clients aggressively in DUI offenses, as well as address the matter of your license suspension in a DMV hearing to fight for their right to drive. Each case must be completely evaluated to determine the best course of action.

There are many cases in which the charges were dropped, or a lesser charge negotiated with an aggressive, proactive approach to the case. Act quickly if you have been arrested and charged with DUI. To defend your case, it is vital that you contact a law firm directly after your arrest.

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